Teeth Whitening

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Tooth whitening is a safe, easy and conservative way to lighten teeth. As if time were turned back, bleaching (or whitening) can make teeth appear years younger by removing stains caused by foods, smoking, or age. There is no evidence of irreversible sensitivity or damage with contemporary bleaching methods. Over the counter products offer some benefits, but have limited results. In-office bleaching can create dramatic results in about two hours. Home bleaching with custom-fit bleaching trays is convenient and effective also but requires more time. The most proven method of success is a combination of in-office bleaching with at-home follow-up. It is impossible to predict the extent of whitening because each patient’s teeth are unique, but most patients can achieve results of five to eight shades lighter. Some patients experience slight to moderate sensitivity on the teeth and/or gums, but this typically subsides shortly after the treatment session or by the next day.


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