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Dr. Herwig and his team are committed to providing comprehensive quality care, which begins with a complete evaluation of a patient’s current dental status and needs. This will include a full series of digital X-rays to check for decay, defective fillings, wear, infection, and pathology. We will also evaluate the gum and bone health to help prevent periodontal disease. A complete cancer screening is one of the most important services we offer, and our digital laser decay detector helps to discover and assess decay at early stages, which results in minimally-invasive treatment options. Finally, in the absence of any gum disease or infection, the teeth are carefully cleaned and polished using a combination of hand and ultrasonic techniques to remove bacteria and stains.

Periodic cleanings are important in maintaining and monitoring a patient’s oral health. The status of the gums and bone are checked along with the condition of existing dental work. The teeth are cleaned and polished and X-rays are taken on an annual basis to aid in early detection of problems. A health history update is taken, and cancer screening is routinely performed.

Our talented and experienced team can provide gentle, yet thorough, dental cleanings and exams to help you maintain beautiful and healthy teeth, gums and smile. Contact our Dallas dentist to request an appointment for a dental exam and cleaning. We reserve two hours to complete a new patient visit. If there is a history or new evidence of periodontitis (gum disease) a more advanced cleaning may be needed. We will discuss the cleaning options that will best address these specific situations if a routine cleaning is not advised.


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